Are you struggling to lose weight?

Do you lack the motivation to take the weight off?
If this is you, its time to Join the "Walk It Off Girl" 30 day challenge where you will be shown the strength and given the tools to WALK OFF THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD! This is more than a weight loss program, but a lifestyle and behavioral change program!  Join this challenge and you'll gain access to a community of women who will encourage you to FINISH your mental, physical and spiritual goals! 

what's included iN THIS CHALLENGE?

Sisterhood Community

($99 VALUE)

By joining the Walk It Off Girl challenge, you will be joined by a group of enthusiastic challengers and will learn how to walk off the weight and keep it off!

Sign up for the challenge and gain instant access to the Walk It Off Girl private facebook group, where you will have access to live lessons from our founder and guest speakers, challenge materials and more!


($199 VALUE)

Weight Loss takes time, effort and a plan. During the Walk It Off Girl Challenge, be prepared to not only lose weight, but lose your self defeating mindset! What will you gain?

* Inner Motivation
* Realistic Action Steps
* Nutritional Grocery Lists and Meal Plans
* Activity Action Plan
* Spiritual Prompts and Encouragement
* And More!
Follow the Walk It Off Girl Action plan for optimal results for a Holistic Change!


($297 VALUE)

Enhance your Walk It Off Girl Challenge experience with our personalized health coaching where our main goal is to tap into the Psychology of weight loss and help you to change your Mindset and Habits. 

Also included in this personalized coaching opportunity is personalized weight loss tracking, personalized meal planning and adjustments and more!

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This is what our challengers are saying...

"Dr. Lakita touched the core of my soul."
This challenge saved my life and I'm so grateful. I was weighed down by grief, hurt, and pain. Some days I didn't want to get out bed and I was putting everything and everyone before me. During this challenge I learned how to set boundaries and change mindset! I lost 8 lbs in 30 days and its all thanks to this community and this challenge! 

—nina collins

"This experience was amazing !"
I'm so grateful for Dr. Lakita's vision for this challenge. I am more focused, determined and mentally aware. I have improved spiritually, and lost 18 lbs and I'm excited to lose 40 more!

—Demetria Tarkington

"I was in desperate need of accountability!"
I feel so strong and went down a dress size. Thank you Dr. Lakita Long for your vision and sacrifice. Thank you for being an example on how to apply God to our whole lives.

—Kris Clark

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